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Mike and Connie Alton owner of Competition Door and GLassMike & Connie Alton, Owners
Since 1983 Mike Alton has been serving homeowners and contractors in the Jacksonville area of North Florida. Striving for excellence  and maintaining a great reputation has been Mikes goal for all these years.

In the early 90’s Mike went by MADCO (Mike Alton’s Door Company) and business was good! It was during this time that Connie began working in the office. It wasn’t easy to raise and home school their children while answering phones and setting appointments, but she made it happen! By 1999, Mike & Connie found themselves with a team of 6 Installers and so they decided to change their name that year to Competition Door Sales, Inc. People would always ask about other products besides doors. Mike had a hard time telling people no and so he started taking on projects outside of his comfort zone. Awnings, Fencing, Partition walls, building car ports and even building 2 Complete Homes from the ground up, Mike slowly became familiar with it all. Today he and his team have narrowed the list down to Garage & Entry Doors, Custom Shower Glass, Insulated Glass Units for Windows, Mirrors, Custom Tile projects and Wood Shelving. Our prices are always fair and the quality of the work is excellent!

Let’s face it, staying married for more than thirty years while raising a family, building homes and staying in business is no easy task, you have to have Good help and we have the Best! Our slogan is “Competition Makes Things Better” and based on all of our 5 Star Reviews, that seems to be the case.

So what can we help you with today? Feel free to call us at 904. 358.1350 or Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. End the meantime browse through our pictures to see if there’s something close to what you’re looking for.
Thank you!

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