These days when something breaks our quick reaction is often to have it replaced. Many times in the glass industry a repair is all that is needed to get your doors and windows working smoothly again. Did you know fogged windows can be changed out for a fraction of the cost of a new window? The hardware in your windows and patio doors can be changed out, saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands compared to brand new purchases. Entry door hardware can be changed out quickly at your business to keep traffic coming through the doors. At Competition we can repair your doors and glass so you can keep more of your money going towards the things that matter most to you. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us help you with your repair and save you some money at the same time!

Repair Services Offered:

  • Fogged Window Replacement (keep your window, change the glass)
  • Balance Rods and Window Springs
  • Patio Door Rollers
  • Window Locking Mechanisms
  • Storefront Door Closers
  • Storefront Door Pivots
  • Shower Door Repairs
  • Window Screen (Re-screens)
  • Garage Door Springs Replacement
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement






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